The real rules of ‘The Game

In 2005, RegenBooks published a book by an American writer, Neil Strauss about his experience of living with a Canadian narcissist in Hollywood and trying to come up with a psychological system which they could deploy in order to seduce any woman they wanted. This resulted in an explosion of similarly-themed workshops, live-in courses, reality […]

Simple tips to beat stress

Stress is something that many people often dismiss as an unavoidable fact of modern life. It is true that many people thrive with a little stress in their lives but problems can come about when the stress becomes too much to handle. These problems can be compounded by feelings of inadequacy and inability to cope […]

Buying a Guitar

When buying a guitar, it is important to select the correct model for you. Always trust your instincts, if a guitar feels right for you, it probably is, but do not go out and buy a hugely expensive model if your ability doesn’t reflect that standard. It is a depressing fact that a huge amount […]

Exercise Makes You Beautiful

Exercise has always been really important to me. I like to look and feel great.  I find exercise as important for my appearance as wearing nice clothes, shoes and make up. The exercise you do and the food that you eat make such a difference to how you look and feel. I am lucky that […]


When it comes to keeping personal documents confidential, in some instances, the only recourse is to purchase a strong and secure safe to keep them from ever searching eyes. The fact of the matter is that there are some bits of information that you may not want to be shared with the general public. Sensitive […]

Rowing Machine Workouts

Many people might look down on the rowing machine and mistakenly believe that it is a boring piece of equipment that does not offer you a very good workout. However, these people are wrong and there are many good workouts that you can try on a rowing machine to reach your goal – be it […]


How many hairdryers have you had over the years?  If you are lucky and bought a good quality hairdryer and looked after it you may have had one for years.  If you are a one for gadgets perhaps you have had several hairdryers just throwing them aside when they pack up. Buying a new hairdryer […]


Lynne is the hairdresser that was filling in for my regular lady, who is named Mary-Kate. I’m going to refer to her as MK, because typing out “Mary-Kate” every single time is going to give me carpal tunnel syndrome quicker than I could have ever anticipated. Anyways, this is a story about how I went […]

Thermostat Center

It is not surprising that most of us tend to think that buying a thermostat is only a matter of choosing a reputable brand name that ‘looks’ efficient and equally attractive when mounted on our walls. However, experience from working at Thermostat Center and my own research has taught me over the years that contrary […]


In most cases, when a family is forced to sell their home in a hurry, it is because of some unfortunate circumstances. The circumstances may range to foreclosure, an illness that has cost a lot of money or maybe the loss of the principal breadwinner in the family. Whatever the reason, the family normally has […]

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