Lynne is the hairdresser that was filling in for my regular lady, who is named Mary-Kate. I’m going to refer to her as MK, because typing out “Mary-Kate” every single time is going to give me carpal tunnel syndrome quicker than I could have ever anticipated. Anyways, this is a story about how I went […]

Thermostat Center

It is not surprising that most of us tend to think that buying a thermostat is only a matter of choosing a reputable brand name that ‘looks’ efficient and equally attractive when mounted on our walls. However, experience from working at Thermostat Center and my own research has taught me over the years that contrary […]


In most cases, when a family is forced to sell their home in a hurry, it is because of some unfortunate circumstances. The circumstances may range to foreclosure, an illness that has cost a lot of money or maybe the loss of the principal breadwinner in the family. Whatever the reason, the family normally has […]

buy a car in london

Many people get excited when about to buy car London. This especially affects first time car owners. The thrill of moving around, having to worry less about public transport is what really excites them. However, many rush into the whole car buying process without taking into account several vital factors. Some simply buy the first […]

baby car seats

Baby car seats come in great brands and varieties that fit the different needs of parents. Forward facing car seats, combination, car seats, harnessed and children booster seats are a few examples of these important carriers for parents. Safety, comfort and ease-of installation are some of the important properties that you should look for as […]

mac cleaner software

Apple computers are considered to be the best type of computers in terms of their performance. This is because they are very fast. However like any other computer, the Mac gets to a point where the speed it came with when the owner got it slows down. This is a common thing for most computers […]

accident lawyer

People who have been injured in an automobile accident in Portland should enlist the services of an accident lawyer. This professional can help them deal with auto insurance firms and ensure that they are treated fairly in settlement negotiations. By hiring an accident lawyer Portland car owners can reap many benefits. The following are good […]

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